Baking soda Tip #2: Do it on toilet stains

Toilet stains are really awful. It can be stubborn, too. Most often than not, our immediate reaction is to think of the most powerful bowl cleaner available in the market. But, actually, we don’t have to be dependent on commercial cleaners. Aside from being expensive, they’re also harmful to our health and unfriendly to the … Continue reading Baking soda Tip #2: Do it on toilet stains


My dog is grieving

I always believe that animals are capable of sorrow like humans do. They grieve when someone close to them passes away. We have four dogs - one female and 3 males. Three of them are more than 15 years old. While, Kevin, the offspring of the female dog, is 4 years old. Kevin is closer … Continue reading My dog is grieving

baking soda

How to apply baking soda on soiled carpet?

Baking soda is not only a bankable aid in the kitchen. It also serves you well in other household chores, like removing oil off your carpet. Sometimes an inevitable thing can happen to your favorite floor cover. It can be soiled with either cooking oil or machinery grease anytime you least expect it. But, don’t … Continue reading How to apply baking soda on soiled carpet?

Cavity: defined from varying perspectives

We can't be too strict in our definition of a word. The word cavity, for example, can mean differently for different people and applications. With a bit of imagination, let's see how we can create ways to apply or interpret a word. In this article, let's use the word 'Cavity'. I'm sure there are many ways … Continue reading Cavity: defined from varying perspectives

Time to Teach

Teaching is a noble cause: how you can help

Not everyone is called to be a teacher. But since education is an important aspect of our lives, let's help those who want to impart their knowledge.  Hi, my name is Jhon Rey Bado, a Filipino and the only Asian volunteer teacher in the Time to Teach program of Ecuador. The Ecuador’s Ministry of Education … Continue reading Teaching is a noble cause: how you can help

EHEF offers free admission

PRESS RELEASE Expand your horizons, pursue post-grad studies in EU The Goodwill Ambassadors of the European Higher Education Fair 2017 share why Europe is the best place to pursue higher studies. The beauty of mobility, amazing sights, historical places, rich culture and arts, prestigious schools, high-quality education, the list on why you should pursue further … Continue reading EHEF offers free admission

One-day fair features higher education institutions

PRESS RELEASE [I received a request to help disseminate this information] One-day fair brings the best higher education institutions from Europe to Manila Study in EU now! Have you always dreamt of pursuing higher education abroad? Now is the time to embark on a journey of a lifetime - travelling around an learning from the … Continue reading One-day fair features higher education institutions

How should Christians celebrate Halloween?

Halloween is widely celebrated in the world every 31st of October. But what is the Christian's perspective about this occasion?    The origin of Halloween can be traced back to the Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in or sah-vin), an observance of the end of summer where sacrifices were made to the gods in Druidic … Continue reading How should Christians celebrate Halloween?

A story of true friendship projected in Eight Below

Eight Below is not just a film. It's a story that shows us the value of friendship, compassion, unity and courage, especially in times of adversity.   Eight Below is an American adventure drama film that tells a heart-breaking story of a dogsled team bound outside a research station in Antarctica when their human companions needed to … Continue reading A story of true friendship projected in Eight Below