A writer is developed

Thanks to the people who saw my potential. Had it not for my junior high school teacher, I wouldn’t have realized that writing is a talent. Or, was it a skill I acquired in childhood?

When I was younger, I used to write a lot. Not because of my own volition. But because I was told to do so. My mother would ask me to write letters to my sisters, who were then in college. Although I thought it was kind of weird, I got used to the manner they replied to my letters. I thought it was ‘normal’ to be receiving my letters back with corrections in grammar, spelling, hyphenation, etc…I never had any inkling that they were training me how to write. I guess, they already saw my potential but without telling me so. After all, I was, I think 6 or 7 years old then when I started that writing thing. Essentially, I had been writing at an early age.

When I reached junior high school, a teacher appointed me columnist in our school organ. And while working on all those ‘assignments’, she would tell me from time to time to pursue Journalism in college. But she never told me that she saw a potential writer in me. All the while, I thought that all those ‘assignments’ were only means to test me if I was worth the high grades. And I thought that those affirmations were meant to boost my confidence to do much better than what I had been doing.

Then, a journalist whom I met in a forum told me to take writing seriously. Apparently, he read my columns in our school organ. It was him (I forgot his name) who pointed out to me that “you are a writer”. It was only then that I realized that what my mother, sisters, and my teacher had been doing was a sort of squeezing my potential out.

And so, I become what I am now because of these people who believed in me. I cannot thank them enough, though. And I’d like to acknowledge the teacher who pushed me to keep on writing – her name is Dr. Thelma Villa!


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